Monday, 10 November 2008

Annoying builders. Grrr!

Thanks to the annoying builders at the business premises next door to me, I got rudely woken at 8am when they started to use a pneumatic drill on god knows what!
So I thought that, seeing as I'm awake I may as well get out and ride. After crawling out of my nice warn bed and throwing on bike stuff, I set off on a ride towards Park Bridge - it's a loop that I really like and isn't too harsh for an early ride.

I set out along my usual route through Daisy Nook and Littlemoss, choosing to go up the hillier route of St Alban's Rd once over into Ashton before the nice little downhill section along Lees Rd into Lees itself. I usually go through Park Bridge along Alt Hill Rd through the pretty little village of Alt Hill, but today I thought I'd head along Mill Brow and right through the heart of Park Bridge itself, feeling the chill in the air as I flew down the hills.

Thankfully, the route I took also meant that I got to avoid the farms on Alt Hill Rd that where I've often encountered problems, so no tractors in the road for me this time round. Yay!
Once back in Bardsley, I decided to cross over Ashton Rd and head along Knott Lanes and Crime Lane to pass by Crime Lake before heading down through the conservation area of Waterhouses past beautiful farms such as the Grade 2 listed Diamond Hall Farm (15th Century), and very sweet cottages.
This brought me down past Millstream Animal Shelter and onto Berry Brow where a loop of the Medlock Vale was in order before heading back home, tired, muddy and cold, but happy that I've boosted my miles for the Challenge.

Boring bit -

Temperature: 7 degrees
Max speed: 25mph
Average speed: 15mph
Miles: 14.97
Challenge 39.86% complete with 180.12 miles left to go


  1. Now 8am is a respectable time to be up ;)

    Sounds like you were flying this morning 15mph!!! I will have to try harder I only managed 14.2mph!!!

    It was lovely out this morning and I hope like me you missed the rain!

  2. The senery on that ride looks great.

    Keep on clocking up those miles!

  3. It's not often I get to that speed - especially at that time of day.

    You did well to get to 14.2 though - you finding it a little easier to get a higher average now?

    I managed to avoid the rain, thankfully although quite a few of the places I went ot had had some rain before I got to them.

  4. Jonathan, the scenery round there is amazing - cute little villages, stunning countryside, wealth of history. Fab!

    Thanks for your vote of praise :oD

  5. I seem to be getting faster which is good. The pendle pedal was a breakthrough ride. I don't think Jonathan expected to see as much of me as he did ;)

  6. I think you mean Woodhouses? (Although I might be wrong.) If it is, you pass Michael Atherton Close on the left as you leave the village. (He lived in the village and I think his parents still do.)

  7. I did mean woodhouses yep, thanx

  8. I used to live in Oldham and had a girlfriend who lived in Park Bridge, thats how I found your blog, I really enjoy your stories and photos. Keep it up, for your enjoyment and mine :-). I am now living in the mtns of North Carolina and I am constantly passing cyclists from our local university college team(very hilly here). So hilly in fact that that Armstrong fellow used our area for some of his Tour de France training, wow our little town of 499 peole has a claim to fame , hahaha. All the best to you,
    Paul Glover

  9. Hello Lost Sheep
    I found your blog as I was looking up Park Bridge.
    I am in America right now but I grew up in Oldham and had a girlfriend who lived in Park Bridge. In fact I remember when the Heritage Center was just a house where another friend of mine lived. Anyway ....I have enjoyed reading your blog and looking at all your pictures that remind me of home (I left England in 1980)
    Ioften pass the local university bicycle team on the road as they are training for upcoming competitions maybe I can send you some photos of the mtns where I live and the cyclists doing their thing.

    All the best to you,
    Cycle safe,
    Paul Glover

  10. You sure can Paul, you can catch me at

    I hope I'm not making you too homesick for England?