Saturday, 15 November 2008

Rainy ride

I met up with Amy for a ride out to Lavender Barn tea rooms - an enjoyable route that we did last week. We set off through quiet roads until we came to the junction of Barrington Rd and Manchester Rd in Altrincham where a queue of traffic and a few buses got the better of us - Amy stopped suddenly (too suddenly for me to be able to stop), I shouted for her to try and move to no avail; as I squished past her she fell onto a Clio - rather her fall onto that than me go under the oncoming bus! Sorry Amy!

As we pulled into the farmyard for the cafe it was evident that we wouldn't have the place to ourselves as we did last time, as there was a tandem in the barn and a little kids bike leaning against the wall. Once inside, we found ourselves with several other people who'd braved the rain.

Hot chocolate and teacake later, we stopped for a chat with two chaps who'd also braved the rain on their bikes before we took a little detour along a section of the Transpennine Trail - lovely and muddy.

We got onto the Floop by Sainsbury's in Fallowfield before I took a rather interesting tumble while riding at 18mph, ending up in a heap on the floor cussing the weather and coming off!

Somehow, my chain ended up getting off the chainrings and through the little gap between the rear derraileur and the rings...something that amazed both myself and Amy! Thanks to Amy for putting my bike back together for me.

It was a case of crawling back to where we split to head to our homes as every jolt was like sending shockwaves through my body, but we got there in the end; Amy was even offering to kick me in my good leg to take my mind off the pain everywhere else!

Boring bit -
Temperature: 13 degrees
Max speed: 24mph
Average speed: 14.2mph before crash, 11.5mph after
Miles: 35.61.
Challenge 61.29% complete with 116.12 miles left to go


  1. I still think it would have helped!!! I didn't stop suddenly I was barely moving as it was, maybe your brakes need some love?

  2. Hahahahaa ANNA
    I love the expression on your face in the drinking chocolate photo. Priceless!
    Personally chocolate should only ever be solid. Not a drink, or ice cream flavour or a cake. Technically cake is a solid but I think you know what i mean.
    All the best

  3. It seems a very easy expression for me to do, which is a little worrying!

    I'd have to agree & disagree with you on the chocolate front Paul - I rarely eat chocolate, prefer strawberry ice cream and I'm not overly keen on chocolate cake. It's not that often that I have hot chocolate either!