Thursday, 23 October 2008


Phew, my internet connection has been returned after it'd been lost for several days due to an 'illegal' line set up by the telephone provider - it seems that our internal lines, which ran along the floor under carpets & under door frames, was highly wrong and shouldn't have been laid that way years ago. So nice Mr BT man had to come and fit brand new lines in the correct places where they couldn't get damaged easily.

I haven't really been up to much in my time away from here as the weather hasn't really been too great. Mapmyride have a 'my goals' section that I've been looking at and have decided to have a go at. Now, cycling 300 miles in one month may either seem hard to some, or relatively easy (Amy could possibly manage that in one week) but to me it is going to be a little challenge as I've not been doing too many miles recently - usually 20 miles or less on each ride, except for the CW ride!

So, my challenge has been set. I'll be doing it in November, so have 30 days in which to ride. Rather than riding 10 miles every day, I'll be riding a minimum of half the number of days and maintaining my usual distance of 20 miles, but will do many more so long as I'm feeling good. I'll have an MCC club ride at the end of the month to help, and may ride Chorlton Wanderers' next ride - both of those combined will cover approximately 60-70 miles in total together.

I'll be putting updates on here once I get started and also on mapmyride.

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  1. My best weeks mileage was 282miles, so no not 300. That was all off road though and during transwales! So might have been more as I'm sure my Garmin undermeasured some days!