Saturday, 8 November 2008

300 mile challenge leaderboard

I've just had a look on maymyride at the Asics 300 mile challenge leader board to see how the other cyclists are doing and so far I'm leading the UK and Europe sections of it - the only countries that are ahead of me are the US, Japan and Australia; the other UK entrants are below 30% complete.

Of course you have the crazy US people who are 297% complete. I don't really comprehend why they take part in a challenge like this one when they so obviously cycle more than 300 miles in a regular week or fortnight.
For us mere mortals 300 miles is usually something that can be achieved in the summer months, but not the gloomy winter months. In my case, the closest I've got to this distance in one month is around 270 miles, and this was during the summer.

But hey ho, I'm leading the rest of the world anyway. Woohoo!!


  1. I hadn't realised that there was an actual challenge for this, probably me being dumb! But sounds like you are doing well. You'll easily do it! Then you can aim to beat the total the next month. Winter is time for base miles so we have to get out in the cold and wet and get the miles in!

  2. Well done, Go Anna, Go Anna!

  3. Congratulations Anna.
    This challange looks great.

    - I followed the link from Trios blogg

  4. Yep - in the goals section on mapmyride, you can choose one of the ones already on there or upload one of your own.
    I thought I'd start with this one, then see how it goes from there.

  5. I'm enjoying it so far - of course it all depends on whether the weather ends up meaning I need to find a canoe to cycle on to finish it or not!

    I'm pretty pleased with how things are going :oD