Monday, 10 November 2008

Hill Climb Results

I have it on good authority from the racing committee that there were no engines involved other than those hidden away in Bill Sutcliffe!

Only 3 riders braved the weather - gales, heavy rain - and brought their machines to the edge of nowhere to take part in the Middleton CC Hill Climb on Blackstone Edge.

The results are -

Bill Sutcliffe - 11:01
Cliff Rowe - 13:13
Mike Smith - 17:26

Bill hasn't ridden this event since 2005, but has won it every time between 2002 & 2005. The past 2 winners have been Tony Martin 2006 & Janet Crossley 2007.
He's an excellent all-rounder with past wins including 25 mile Champion, Cheshire Champion, Middleton CC Club Champion, Handicap Champion & Vets Champion.

Congratulations Bill!

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