Friday, 7 November 2008

I must be crazy!

After yesterdays ride and still feeling good, I decided that I'd head out for a ride this morning to try and get my mileage up and over 100 miles for the week.

So I got up nice and early and set off about 9am heading towards Park Bridge where I wanted to do a few easy loops round there before heading back home to chill out properly.
I took my usual route up through Daisy Nook/Littlemoss via Newmarket Rd and out onto Lees Rd to the Twirl Hill junction.

At this point my legs felt really strong and good, so I made the decision to continue along this road and turn off onto Lees New Rd and head to the Pike - having never been this route up before, I was a little apprehensive.

I started out very cautiously as I'm pants at hills and I knew there was a lot of climbing for me to do, but I think I was being a little too cautious as I was spinning along a little too easily; change of gear or two later and I was at a point where I had to push a little without it being too hard or easy. Perfect.

Pretty soon the road started to kick up some more and I was changing back through my gears and starting to feel the effects of the climb. Up and up and up past some very pretty stone cottages and converted barns, round a corner with an evil kick in it, then over a brow for a wow moment - to see Manchester sprawled out in front of me with the hazy sun filtering through clouds was excellent. The weather was a little changeable while up there as it was also quite mean and moody looking at times too!
After drinking in the views I had the joy of a tiny little drop in the road before the surface went from lovely smooth tarmac to a very rutted, crumbly, water-filled pot-holed bundle of fun to get across, then onto a rather murky and squelchy track to get up to the Pike itself. Hurrah!There are a few tracks to get back down onto one of the main roads but I chose to head down Broadcarr Lane before joining Mossley Rd, hurtling the whole way down this with a grin like a Cheshire cat on my face as cars were giving me the widest berth ever, drivers wondering who the lunatic was!
Once in Ashton it was simply a case of getting onto the A635 & A662 and head back home.

Boring bit -
Temperature: 7 degrees
Max speed: 29mph
Average speed: 13.2mph
Climbed: 633ft
Miles: 15.96
Challenge 34.73% complete with 195.81 miles left to go


  1. Hills never seem so mean when they reward you with a nice view. This sounded like a really fun ride.

  2. Sounds a god ride, with lots of climbing compared to yesterday! I had plans to be out early but I've had a poorly Ali to look after. She is feeling better now so I'll hopefully get out for my hour!

  3. It was a great ride. Little bit knackering, but well worth it once I got up there.

  4. Hope Ali is feeling much better now trio. It felt like the climbing was going on and on and on.......:o)

  5. i like the idea of your % completed stats. i might borrow that

  6. I kidnapped the idea off mapmyride! Trio suggested I do that too as it appeals to the geek in people & it looks good too.