Sunday, 2 November 2008

300 mile challenge

Well, I began my 300 mile month challenge, albeit a day late as I had the first ride of the month this morning before heading to the velodromw to watch the pros in action.

I had the joys of a headwind everywhere I went, with no let up at all, so I found it a little hard, but the aim of the game is to just get out and ride the 300 miles.

See the route I took here

Boring bit -
Temperature: 8 degrees
Max speed: 31.3mph
Average speed: 13.1mph
Miles: 12.32


  1. The hard days are what make the fun days even more enjoyable! I hate when the wind does that!

    I have no plans for thurs or fri this week if you fancied a ride towards your 300miles total.

  2. I'm beginning to hate the wind full stop!

  3. Good luck hitting your target!

  4. Thanks Jumbly, I'm not doing too bad at the moment. I've just gotta keep getting out there.