Saturday, 15 November 2008


After yesterday's crash I went to the MRI to get checked out as I was in agony - not entirely sure how I managed to ride home after it!

Explained to docs how I'd come off landing on my right shoulder and elbow, cutting my knee and really hurting my left wrist, before sliding some distance on my head and ear and that my helmet is broken. Docs decided to ignore the pain (excruciating) in my ribs and that of my left wrist. They also ignored the fact that my helmet was broken and head could be hurt; they just ordered xrays of my shoulder and elbow.
Results came back and doc was rather abrupt - came into the waiting room to tell me nothing was broken, shoved painkillers I can't have into my hand (asthma means I can't have certain painkillers) and buggered off, leaving me stood there amazed at his audacity to ignore what I'm telling him!

As you can imagine I came home very disgruntled!!

After a very sleepless and excruciatingly painful night, I went to Tameside Hospital for a 2nd opinion. Boy, am I glad I did!!

The doc I saw here was one who worked in the Fracture clinic too, so he knew what he was doing when he checked me out. The results of his examination and xrays came back as 3 cracked ribs - explains the agony - a cracked bone in my left wrist and torn ligaments in the right shoulder. Mega ouchy!!!
I've seen this doc before and he knows how much I hate having arms in casts, so he's advised I wear a strong support bandage, like a sports-type strapping on the wrist, which I'm happy to do. He also doesn't want me to have it in a cast due to having both arms injured...I'd be a little bit stuck given that I live alone!

I will have some war wounds to show off too as the cut on my knee is more of a gouge and is about the size of a 2p and the same sort of depth. And I'll have some pretty impressive bruising too - though most of it'll be hidden.

One thing is for sure, I certainly won't be falling off like that again!


  1. I'm sorry to hear this Anna. Does this mean the challange is over?

    - I've broke my wrist ridding with Amy too!

  2. I still wouldn't have bothered with A&E as I know they just tell you to rest and it takes so long. But hey you saw a Dr you must be special, I've only been twice and although last time I saw a Dr that was because I was a prioity the time before it took hours to see a nurse!

  3. Sounds like you took quite a spill. Get better soon.

  4. owch! hope you have a speedy recovery-now you have the correct diagnosis!

  5. I just read Trio's blog and ventured over. Ouch. That didn't sound half as serious when Trio described it. I wish you a speedy recovery and I'm glad you went and saw another doctor! Get better soon.

  6. Jonathan - Never say never. So long as my shoulder can stand up to bearing a bit of weight, then I can rest my wrist on the bars - that's how I got home, so it should be ok. Not sure I'll be able to get the full 300, but I'll do my damndest to get as close as possible.

    You think it's safe to ride with Amy?!? ;o)

  7. Thanx for the get well messages Groover, Jumbly & Kate. I've got good painkillers now and managed to get 4hrs kip last night, so things are looking up!

    Trio, For broken ribs they tell you to just rest. Broken wrists and buggered shoulders a different matter; not that I'll be behaving 100%. I'm still gonna try and ride as soon as my shoulder feels a little easier - I have a challenge to complete!!

  8. Although I'm keen for you to complete your challange I really wouldn't try riding with a broken wrist. Espeshially as this isn't your only injury!

    I foolishly ignored the doctors advice. I didn't have my wrist in plaster and I didn't stay off the bike. Now, nearly a year on, my wrist still hurts when I ride. Take the time to recover properly.

    - btw I love riding with Trio!

  9. I do too - she's a hoot. She can talk the hind legs off a donkey too, which is great!