Sunday, 9 November 2008

MCC Hill Climb

Well, today is the Middleton CC Hill Climb up on Blackstone Edge above Littleborough. Unfortunately myself and Paul won't be there as we'll be doing what we do every year on this particular Sunday - laying flowers on the family graves, given that it's Remembrance Sunday. The Hill Climb usually doesn't fall on this day, but this year it has.

The ride starts at the Moorcock Inn on Halifax Rd and climbs 1.49 miles to the White House up by Mytholmroyd Reservoir on top of the stunning yet bleak moors. Usually this event is won by Bill Sutcliffe who is a bit of a speed and climbing demon, although last year it was won by Janet Crossley closely followed by her husband Steve. This year we're not entirely sure who'll be riding the event although Amy and Ali are hoping to get out there - if they do, then it'll be a closely fought contest between the two of them as they're both good on the hills (they both leave me behind, although that's not too hard at the moment!).

So, for all those taking part in this year's battle - good luck, may the best person win and enjoy the excellent food in the toasty warm pub when you get to the top!

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  1. Well I wasn't there, so overtired from looking after an ill Ali. She would have easily beat me on a hill that short, I need it to be about ten times as long to have a chance. At least they should have been off the hill by the time the rain went!