Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Waiting is hard to do

I've been looking for a better job since January and have found the whole process rather boring, tedious and most of all annoying - people just don't have the decency to get back in touch with you anymore, even to just say you don't have the right thing we're looking for. It makes the whole thing harder as you never get to find out why you haven't been invited to interview etc.

So far, I've had one interview - with GMP and that one was a whole 6 month long process with 2 interviews, medicals, capability tests........
Unfortunately I didn't get that job as I'd taken too much time off sick in the last 2 years, so had to go back to hunting again.

Then, yesterday afternoon at 12:30 I received a phone call from a place I'd sent my CV to inviting me for an interview the very same day, 3 hrs later on. Obviously I accepted the request and hurried home to dig out some professional looking garb rather than the scally-esque stuff I was wearing.

I got to the place (GP surgery in Whalley range) with seconds to spare -taxi driver got lost - and found myself up in the manager's office being interviewed be her and one of the centre's GPs. Everything went well and now begins the waiting process to see if I get the job. If I do it'd be great, as it means only working 3 days a week, but I must be good and wait........ho hum!


  1. Thanks. Heard nothing back yet, but have got so used to that happening now that it doesn't faze me anymore

  2. Best of luck.

    I wish I could afford to just work 3 days a week.

    Hows the recovery going?

  3. I'd only be able to work 3 days cos I'd still have the council paying my rent and tax for me. And I'd be eligable for a government grant for an extra 1k per year.

    Recovery is going well. Shoulder is doing the best, ribs cause most problems while trying to sleep and I've found several ways of using the wrost without it hurting!

    Bit more concerned about my bike now though - it badly needs some love and attention and will be getting booked in for a full service and replacement bits as soon as I can find money.