Thursday, 20 November 2008


Well, I've still not heard anything from the GP place where I had my interview, so I'm going to assume I didn't get it and just carry on looking around for other positions.

Cleaned the Everest last night as best I can and found that bits of her are broken :o( The front derailleur just blatantly refuses to move, my gears are slipping anyway, and the rear brake is totally pants - I can have it so the brake blocks are stupidly close to the wheel meaning just a fingertip nudge and they'll be on, but I still have to practically pull the lever through the bars before it does anything. When it does, it then sticks in place!

I braved riding this morning to give it a test ride to see what else is up with her and made sure my route was to the local bike shop (Gerry Shields) to book her in for a full service anyway.

My route took me through Medlock Vale and along Briscoe Lane in to Newton Heath before swooping round to Oldham Rd and the shop. I specifically took some difficult roads to put her to task and get a feel for what else is up - thankfully I haven't found anything else wrong with her, but Chris is going to give her the love and attention she needs......asap, when I can find the cash for it.

It does mean that the Asics 300 mile challenge is over, I'm afraid. If I could have carried on and taken part in the MCC club ride at the end of the month to Todmorden it would've meant I'd get to 79% completed - could've easily made up those extra miles between now and the end of the month. But my bike needs the attention now.

Boring bit -
Temperature: 10 degrees
Max speed: 27mph
Average speed: 12mph
Miles: 7.31
Climbed: 203ft

Challenge 65% complete with 107.71 miles left to go - but it is now over for me :o( I have ridden 192.33 miles of it. I will definitely take part in this challenge again another month.....keep watching!


  1. sorry to hear that you're having to stop so close to your target. you'll nail it next though

  2. I have a set of duel pivot short drop brakes going spare if they're of any use (Old dura-ace). I will galdly donate them if they'll get you back up and running. This means that all you need (hopefully) is new cables and a bit of wd40 on the front mech.

    Only 100 miles to go and a whole week to do it in. I don't think this challange is over yet!

  3. Thanx for the comments :o)

    Thanx for the offer of the brakes too Jonathan - bike has now gone to the nearest bike hospital for some love and attention. Shop doesn't think I'll need new brakes, just a tweak on everything pretty much!

    I'll bear the offer in mind though.