Thursday, 27 November 2008


I have to apologise for the lack of posts in the past few days - it's been a very hectic and worrying time for me and my family.

My mom has had an infection in her leg for a few weeks that seemed to be getting better with the antibiotics that her doc had given her. Monday lunchtime, I got a text from my mom asking me to get to hers asap as her leg had given way after a massive shooting pain through it and she had no feeling in the leg now. So, off I ran despite having massive pain in my chest/ribs from my previous accident. Got there to find that she was in a lot of pain, feeling rather poorly and sorry for herself. I really didn't like the look of her and decided that she needed emergency treatment.

Blues and Two's were in order of the day as she was rushed into hospital. Paramedics were not happy at all with my poor mom, as her heart rate on their machines was just literally all over the place - one minute it was at 60 bpm, the next 199bpm, then down to 120.
The docs at the Manchester Royal Infirmary took one look at her leg and said that her GP had it all totally wrong and he practically ran from the room and got straight on the phone - at which point I chose to listen in to the conversation, while my dad sat with mom. The dreaded words were then spoken - femoral embolism. I know enough medical terminology to know that it means she had a clot in the artery in her thigh; and I also know enough to know that it can be fatal.
Then a surgeon came down to have a look and listen to the pulse (or lack of by this time) in her foot; then I was taken out of the room to be told what was wrong; she needed immediate surgery and was to be transferred to Wythenshawe hospital to the best surgeons for this type of op. Given the problems with her heart rate too, it was the best thing as Wythenshawe is the heart centre of the Northwest, so that could be dealt with at the same time.

More blues and two's got us across Manchester where mom was hurtled into resus, so that her heart rate could be monitored closely.
My medical knowledge told me that the surgery she'd need had to be done under local anaesthetic, so I prepared her to be told that by the surgeon who agreed with me. He was mightily concerned about her heart too s she'd never had any problems with it before; he thought that the clot may have formed in her heart and travelled down and this may cause the problems, but he couldn't be sure. Either way, she ended up with tubes coming out of both arms, being pumped full of drugs and being hurtled towards theatre.

Thankfully, she did great through the op (she said it really hurt, poor thing) and was transferred onto Vascular HDU, where she still is today. She's looking much better though and the swelling in her leg has gone down a lot. Docs are really pleased with her and have said that they're sure there're no other clots anywhere else in her body.
She's got to see the heart docs to find out what caused (if anything) the heart problems and how it can be treated. As she's not been in hospital since she had me in 1979, nobody knows if she's been like this since then or if it's a sudden thing.

We're not entirely sure when she'll be allowed home either, but it's proving interesting for me looking after my dad and brothers and stopping them from running themselves ragged.


  1. Glad she is on the mend. I guess since you are looking after your dad and brothers at least you have internet access.

  2. Sounds like your Mum got the treatment she needed just in time. Never nice when a family member is ill. Sending positive e-thoughts and best wishes your way.

  3. Yeah, it was literally just in time!
    She seems better after visiting her last night - she's now allowed out of bed, but is still hooked up to drips and her heart is still really wonky, but it's better than nowt!