Tuesday, 11 November 2008

I'm a Gecko!

Back from my hospital appointment feeling a little confused. I've seen 3 different specialists today who have all agreed what the problem is but aren't able to tell me how, why or when....

...After all the tests and checks, they've agreed that I've developed non-binocular sight - basically my eyes have stopped working together and now work independently. Think of it as looking through the lens section of binoculars or microscopes: there's 2 lenses, one for each eye, and both eyes should be able to see through the lenses at the same time; mine now don't meaning that when I look at something, I'm looking at it through one eye only rather than both. Both eyes are facing the same direction, but they won't both see what I'm facing. So that's the 'what' dealt with.

The 'how', 'why' and 'when' is more problematic as there was no head trauma to cause it, no genetic defects and certainly no tumours or illness. They're also very unsure if this will get better, worse or stay the same.

My vision hasn't actually changed in over 10 years - I've been told that my sight is excellent considering I had a squint as a kid (the squint has been ruled out as the cause) - but the hospital are allowing me to change my glasses as this won't make a difference.

The interesting thing is that I saw an optician in September who failed to notice my eyes work separately, yet my humble GP was the one who initially pointed this out to me. How strange that the taxes we payed for this guy to train in the field failed to notice something he's meant to spot!

The funniest thing of this all is that the only time this condition isn't a problem is when I'm on the bike!

Oh, and despite my eyes working independently like a gecko, I don't have the distinct pleasure of being able to swivel them around!!

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