Friday, 5 December 2008

A little bit ouch

After getting my bike back from it's service after the crash I had in November I went on my first ride to test it and my poor body out.

The day dawned sunny and the roads were a little slick after early rain, but there was no threat of cloud or rain. Until I left my flat that is!
I managed a few miles before the heavens opened; I chose to carry on though seeing as it's a bit pointless going out for anything less than 5 miles. The route I took was based on rough jolty roads to test my injuries and also nice new slick tarmac to ensure I've not lost any cornering confidence.

As it turned out I hurtled round slick puddle-filled corners no problem; the jolty sections were a little painful on my wrist, but I think that's down to having taken the strapping off it. I'll give it another go with the strapping back on and see how it goes.

My route took me out towards Littlemoss on the roads before diverting along a track through fields and over the M60 to bring me out in Taunton before a little back road loop that took me part of the way towards Hartshead Pike. I crossed over Mossley Rd and set off down the side of Tameside Hospital to the track that is alongside Silver Springs and Stamford Park. Back along Beaufort Rd and more back roads to Taunton, through Daisynook and Littlemoss and onto the lovely section of the A662 Ashton New Rd where I always drop down into an aero position and fly along til I get back home.

Annoyingly, at some point through the ride my bike pc went flying off my stem - don't know where it went. When it's done that in the past I've either seen it fly off or heard it land/get drove over etc, but I think due to the amount of rain it did a runner without me even noticing until I got home!

Boring bits -
Temperature: 0 degrees
Average speed: abt 10mph
Max speed: abt 23mph
Miles: 12.1
Climbing: 302ft

Amount of pain when riding -
Ribs: 0%
Shoulder: 10%
Wrist: 30%


  1. I lost my last bike computer somehow when it came off the bars, last time I would go wireless as I think I would lose loads off-road. My current one straps on like a watch and that seems to work well!

  2. I like the look of yours. There's not many computers that'll go on the stem though - I prefer it there. I've ordered one off wiggle today, so I'll see how that one looks.
    I've never lost a wireless pc before - think it just wasn't put on properly after having to faff about with things before I set off.

  3. What have you ordered? Off-road I think wired is the way to go, all the rough ground makes losing a computer easier!

  4. I've ordered a Ciclosport CM4.2 wireless off Wiggle and it's arrived already! Fitted it last night after the Revolution, just gotta get out and try it out now.

  5. Looks nice and if you want you can get a strap and have heart rate functions which is fab!

  6. Yup. It's chunkier than my previous cateye one so I should definitely hear it land if it comes off for any reason!

    I may get the heart rate and/or cadence extras next year.