Sunday, 21 December 2008

What a night!

Only the people I've known for umpteen years know I danced (both as a competitor and as a teacher) for 12 years and have gained hundreds of trophies; and only those people know how much I still love dancing, despite not being able to take part anymore.

At the time I danced I was busy studying 4 A-levels at college and working 36hrs a week teaching 5 classes a week, or training myself, so as you can imagine it was rather a busy time for me!
Unfortunately, thanks to some scallies, an air rifle and the removal of a pellet from my back, I ended up taking too much time away from the dancing and just focused on the studies instead - much less painful. It resulted in my not being able to return to the school I was at, and by this point I was working elsewhere and needed the money I was currently earning while studying.

So to watch the final of Strictly Come Dancing is, for me, a highlight to my day. The quality of dance that Tom Chambers, Lisa Snowden and Rachel Stevens achieved by the final was excellent and I was not alone in thinking that - more than 13 million viewers watched Tom Chambers win with partner Camilla Dallerup after a close fought battle between himself and Rachel Stevens, with Lisa Snowden and partner Brendan Cole being knocked out at the first public vote.

Oh to be able to dance again!

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