Monday, 1 December 2008

Homecoming 2

Mom's coming home!!!!!!!

Got a call off mom earlier this morning to say that her doc has been to see her and he's really pleased with her progress and she can come home later on this afternoon. Hurrah!

Final tally of things that were not quite right:
Femoral embolism - removed by emergency surgery
Venal embolism - treated by drugs
Rapid heart rate - treated by drugs & to see heart doc for some time
Thyroid problems - treated by drugs and to see that doc too

She's been really spoilt in the hospital - having puddings with every meal, people waiting on her hand and foot (although I tend to do that anyway when I'm at her place).

At one point it looked like she had a police guard outside her room! A guy who was shot near HMP Manchester (Strangeways to those who know the place) was put in a room very close to hers and the police were kinda patrolling between the two doors!

But she's coming home, yippee!! Hurrah!! Can you tell that I've missed her?!?!?!?


  1. you certainly need some good news, i hope see continues to recover so quickly

  2. Thanx Kate. It's certainly good to have her back home. She's responded really well to the treatment. She'll most likely be on meds for the rest of her life but she's great about that.