Tuesday, 30 December 2008

That darn.......


I had intended to get out for a ride today, but thanks to playing hunt the mouse I didn't quite make it.

Where I live is a row of 100+ year old buildings that have shop premises on the ground floor and flats above them. My row contains a hairdressers (I'm above this), take-aways and a post office. Right behind my bit is a working garage and opposite is a body-repair shop and it's rather scruffy rusty motor filled yard. Not too far away is the canal and the open land surrounding it.
For the past few nights while reading I've heard the sound of rustling in one corner of my kitchen; I'd finally had enough last night and hoicked everything out of its place and had a blooming massive deck scrubbing and deep clean session, whereupon I came upon some little bits of mouse poo! It seems Mickey got in through the tiniest of gaps round my gas pipe and has enjoyed living behind one of my fridges.

I've now put lots of duck tape sealing the gap (no others anywhere else in the flat) so I can tell if he's chewed his way back in (or out) and will be getting some bait/traps to put down at the weekend.

But, thanks to playing hunt the mouse I didn't get to bed til way past midnight and was so shattered I just snuggled under my duvet when my alarm went off and ignored the muppets singing to me (Muppets theme tune is my alarm call on mobile)! Hey ho. There's always tomorrow for riding.

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