Monday, 8 December 2008

My idea of Hell

Boy, did I make the wrong decision today!

Was contemplating riding today and trying out my new bike PC that I'd fitted on Saturday night after my Cateye one slunk off to pastures new (most likely got squished by a HGV), until I saw the weather forecast this morning - rain showers with heavy rain at times. I will ride in rain (if I really, really want to) but heavy rain???? That's a no for me!

So, instead of getting soggy on the bike, I opted for going shopping instead. Bad, bad choice, as it seemed like the rest of the world made the same choice and crowded into Manchester just to annoy me. I really hate shopping in the city centre at the best of times, so Christmas shopping is like torture for me - last year I bought all the presents on November 1st when the stock was still being put out on the shelves; and it was all done first thing in the morning at the Trafford Centre which, blissfully, was still void of punters.
This year, according to the news reports, I chose to do all my shopping on the very day that the Christmas rush started! This information, of course, was only relayed to me after I'd been squished, shoved, barged past, poked and prodded, and finally had enough and stomped out of most shops I went into.

Luckily, I knew what I had in mind for the gang, so continued to stomp my way to the relevant places in which I knew I could get the goods cheaper than others. Anything else can be done online, or made, or tell the relevant person to go buy for themselves and give it me to wrap up ;o)

Realistically, I only have 1 or 2 more things to get and then I can chill out while everyone around me freaks out, tears their hair out and just grabs anything within their arms reach!

Ho! Ho! Ho! ???? More like No! No! No!