Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Trusty Steeds

I know Jonathan is wondering what I ride, but I don't know about the rest of you. To save you all wondering, here are my trusty steeds -

Firstly there's the Eddie McGrath Everest. She's got Shimano components, Eddie McGrath stem/handlebars, Bontrager Seatpost, Selle Italia saddle, Shimano spds, Mavic wheelset, Bontrager tyres.

She's a classic that grabs everyone's attention. Whenever I leave her alone after any event or take her to the bike shop for love and attention, she certainly gets it - she's even stopped conversation dead when I took her for repairs after we had a crash.

And there is my Surosa Pista. She's a fully hand-built track bike with Mieche components, Cinelli stem/handlebars, Alpina forks & seatpost, Selle Italia saddle, Look Keo Sprint pedals, Surosa handbuilt wheels, Vredestein tyres.

The staff at the Surosa shop in Oldham are probably the best I've spoken to about bikes - SUROSA CYCLES was established in 1983 by Ken Barlow, father of then international Bob, who took over the business in 1998. The business was around for many years before and was originally founded by Derek (Nobby) Clarke. The shop is now owned by former World Champion Mandy Jones and her husband Nigel Bishop.

Pista has served me well at the Manchester Velodrome helping my times for the three events I take part in at the Middleton CC Club Championship drop by a good amount. Since getting her in March 2008 my times have improved greatly -

200 metre sprint - 3.56 seconds quicker

1k time trial - 6.83 seconds quicker

2k pursuit - 25 seconds quicker


  1. your surosa looks like a serious piece of kit-very nice!

  2. Why, thank you.

    I've never ridden a bike like it - so, so light and quick to respond. She rides like a dream and is definitely worth every penny I spent on her (and that was quite a lot for a track bike)!