Friday, 19 December 2008


Yesterday, I decided it was high time I went to visit my good friend Adam as it has been a very long time since we've been able to meet up with things getting in the way to stop us - money problems, work, lack of time etc.

So I set off bright and early as I knew it'd take some time to get over there by bus (takes 3 buses to reach his place - mainly due to my being skint, and a daysaver ticket is so much cheaper than a train fare), but I was climbing the hill to his home by midday to be greeted with the biggest bear hug I've had in years!

The day went perfectly - nice and chilled out, but with plenty of laughs along the way.
Myself and Adam are both big theatre lovers and just love watching shows, ballets etc and have had amazing times. Cats, Miss Saigon, The Ladyboys of Bangkok, The Rocky Horror Show have all been excellent birthday treats from him.

We sat down to watch The Pirates of Penzance on DVD both the straight version and the comedy Australian version with Jo English as the Pirate King were watched - poor Jon English though; at the end of the routine With Catlike Tread he ended up repeating it 4 times due to encores from the audience (and the conductor heckling him!); he was so shattered by the end of it all!

After watching DVDs for a while, Adam then took me through some of the plans for his civil partnership to Phil in August. The venue is stunning and the day will be amazing, topped off with a masquerade ball in the evening - perfectly romantic and enchanting.

Phil then surprised us both by taking us out for a meal when he got home from work, so off to Nando's we went for some scrummy chicken that was snaffled down very quickly by all. Only, we ere to be disappointed by desert - they'd run out of the toffee cheesecake! Sacrilege!! We made do with some extremely moreish Krispy Kreme donuts instead - and watched them being made and glazed at the factory in Trafford Park, complete with free samples (of a whole freshly made, just been glazed donut!). Yum.

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