Wednesday, 31 December 2008

2009 aims

Although I don't normally make resolutions I've decided that this time I will make some plans and do my damndest to stick with them. So, my aims for 2009 are -

Complete the 300 Mile a month Challenge that re-starts January 1st.
Ride every other day.
Ride at least 7 of the monthly Middleton CC club rides.
Ride at least 7 of the monthly Chorlton Wanderers rides.
Make 1 ride per week up to Hartshead Pike.
Improve hill climbing ability (or current lack of).
Ride out to Dunham/Lavender Barn once a month.
Complete at least 4 sportives.


  1. Which sportives are you going to do Anna?

    Are you doing the longer routes this time?

  2. These are targets, slightly different! Mine will be up for the 1st Jan.

  3. Jon - Just sticking with the short route for the Cheshire Cat as need to get my hill climbing ability a fair bit better than it curently is to tackle the longer routes.

    The other rides I'm doing are hiding over on the right under my profile.
    Once I've established the full mileage for each I'll put that up with the info.

  4. Amy - aims, targets - to me they're the same thing. So long as I do summat, that's the important bit ;o)

  5. There's some nice events there!

    If it wasn't for all those hils I could fancy doing the white peak challange.

    I've decided that Sportives are too hard / costly for me; so this year i'm just going to sit back and watch you and Trio do them instead!

    Best of luck Anna!

  6. You can't be that bad a rider, are you?!
    The hills in the White Peak are kinda worrying me a little too! My bro Paul has problems getting up them himself on his MTB with better gears than my roadie, so we may both be walking up some of them!

    The cost is hard for me too - most of my sportives are charity ones, so I feel much better paying out of my pittance of an income for them.