Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Frosty the cyclist - part 2

Do I ride? Don't I ride? That was the question swimming about in my mind when I woke up, looked out of my window and saw the glorious wintry Mancunian weather. Frost, freezing fog, bone-bitingly cold.....

Sod it, I will! So I flung on all my heat-retaining bike clothes, lobbed on my Endura jacket and almost fell down the stairs on my way out! Then nearly got splattered by a bus getting out of my road. Ummmm, was it really a wise decision to get out in this weather? I guess only time can tell.

The order of the day was to go out towards Hyde via Globe Lane. Out from mine along Fairfield Rd and past the Moravian Settlement, past the lovely new canal side apartments - not that I could see them in the fog, just got a glimpse of their great hulking bulk; past Audenshaw reservoirs and up onto Shepley Rd for a little climbing competition against HGVs. Incidentally, I won.

Down into Hyde, then Woodley before taking a sneaky route to avoid a few busy junctions brought me out onto Stockport Rd by the river Tame and Hulme's Wood - all looking like a winter wonderland in the break in the fog: very frosty with lots of frozen spiderwebs everywhere.

After leaving Hyde for the second time, it was a case of passing Newton Hall, blazing past the town hall in Dukinfield and joining the impatient rush hour drivers on the A6017 and B6390 by the Snipe before a great sprint session back to mine. Fab!
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Boring bits -
Temperature: -2 degrees
Max speed: 27mph
Average speed: 12.1mph
Miles: 19.36
Climbed: 476ft.

Cold? Hell yeah! Fun? Sure was!


  1. That sounds like another horrific ride. HGVs pushing past/being in the way on a steep climb. Busy rush-hour traffic.
    Are there no quite traffic free roads around there?

  2. The ride isn't as horrific as it sounded, honest!
    I'd have to ride for at least an hour before getting anywhere traffic free - downside of living slap-bang between 2 towns. It's what I've known all my cycle life, so to me it's not too bad as I'm used to it.

    The rush hour bit was down to the time I left the flat really. I usually set off after rush hour has finished.