Wednesday, 26 August 2009

A bike has gone

Well, despite being given a bike back in June that I have ridden a few times, the rides haven't really been worth a write-up. Now I am back to being a 2-bike household as I have sold the Concept.
Main problem was with it being a women's framed bike, therefore it was too cramped on it. Given my height (6'1") a woman's bike is always going to have issues for me in terms of reach. For mountain bikes, the frame height is going to be fine for me (as it was despite only being a 17" frame), but I was too cramped and folded up.

I sold it to a chap who was buying his niece a mountain bike for the first time, therefore my bike and price were perfect for him. He collected the same day it sold and we're all happy.

I have been looking for a replacement mtb for some time now, but they're all way out of my price range given that I'm not in paid work, so I've come to the conclusion that I'll buy some wheels and cyclocross type tyres instead and just whack them on Everest whenever I want to go off road. Everest is a tough steel beast and has handled all the hard stuff better than me, so she'll cope no problem.

Now to find those wheels......


  1. Save your money Lostsheep the new tyres/ wheels wont really work.

    First off, I'm not too sure cyclo-x tyres will fit on Everest

    If the tyres do fit then anything thats muddy enough to warrent a cyclo-x tyres is going to be too muddy for the clearance you'll have.

    If the terrain is rough enough to warrent different wheels (CX tyre will go on your current wheels) then it's arguably too rough to be riding a road bike over.

    Whats your budget LS?
    I was looking at the DiamondBlack Mojito the other week.
    (£250 @
    Cracking bike for the money.

  2. Cheaper than cheap. I'm not in paid work, so the cheaper the better, but then it'll probably be crap, so maybe I shouldn't bother, lol

  3. Claud Butler, £200

    Failing that Decathlon have the Rockrider in at £99, which doesn't look too bad for the money. A fully rigid bike should be perfect concidering you were planning on using Everest!

  4. Start talking to 'Tea and cake' regarding find you a Blackie look a like.