Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Nine at 9

After a mega busy day in work I decided that I'd have a night-time ride for a change. I waited until 9pm as I wanted to just chill out a little beforehand and to allow my tea to go down.

At 9pm I kitted up with the long-sleeved Middleton jersey going on and got Everest ready with her lights (knog frogs and cateye (both of which were on front and rear)) and set off down through Openshaw to Delamere Park and up towards the Lumb Lane one-way system, past the Snipe and into Ashton. A little climb towards Bardsley and I was then heading down the twisty descent of Newmarket and Stannybrook Rds through Daisy Nook and the kick upwards at the Stannybrook turning got me out of the saddle for a sprint up the little hill, then through Littlemoss and into Droylsden centre, turning right at the football club to overtake a line of coaches before the hump of a bridge and the fiveways roundabout where I just flew across thanks to no traffic at all.

Then it was a case of riding the wrong way up a one-way system near my place (all above board as, thanks to roadworks, the one-way system has now changed direction for a while!). Humping Everest up the stairs to my flat and flop out on the sofa to chomp more food!

Stats -
Cool and cloudy.
Miles: 8.39
Average speed: 16.8mph
Climbed: 102ft


  1. Sounds like a nice enjoyable evening rode that :)

  2. Twas a good un. Hoping to get another one it tomorrow night if I'm not knackered after working (being on my feet) all day

  3. Newmarket Road changes to Lumb Lane not Stanneybrook. Or did I misread and you went down stanneybrook towards the garden centre?

  4. No, you read right. But I also didn't say that I turned down Stannybrook; I just merely meant that everyone who lives where I do and people I know round that area knows that section of the road as the Stannybrook turning due to having the turn onto Stannybrook at that point. Also for those who don't know the area and look it up in an a-z for example, they'll be able to find exactly where that little hump in the road is.

    I guess we're both right in that respect :oD