Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Hours and hours....

of no riding this week. I have landed myself a voluntary job in my local Red Cross shop; just to boost my references as last boss hated me and has given a particularly vicious one, and also to get me back in the working frame of mind as it's been such a long time since I last worked. So for a lot of last week and this week there'll only be a day or 2 free to ride, but I don't mind too much :oD

This week I may be able to ride tomorrow - if I do it'll be an easy ride seeing as the last few have been particularly hilly ones; any upcoming rides will most likely be into Cheshire for flatter efforts, before the club ride on 30th August which, apparently has been changed from Sowerby to Rivington! So nice long uphill drag up the A6, me thinks.


  1. Might be about on the 30th, as long as I'm not working we'll try and make it, will probably not cycle back from manchester from rivi though!

  2. At least you are up off your bum doing something so chapeau to you!

    Are you joining team 100k then?

  3. Trio - Fab, the club ride is meeting at Heaton Park, so even closer for you :oD (it's the norht's turn to lead a ride). It'd be good to see you again - been a long time since we last rode together!

    Joby - Seeing as you asked so nicely, course I am ;oD it's not that often I get to ride as part of a team, I'm usually solo or as a pair, so it'd be good for me. Be good to get to know you lot better too.
    I guess I better get my entry in for it then eh? lol