Sunday, 23 August 2009


...the next Middleton CC club ride is taking place on Sunday 30th August. The start time is 9:30 outside Heaton Park on Middleton Rd (at the bus stop opposite Victoria Ave).
The destination is currently Rivington although this may change if numbers are down (like if it's just me and Paul).
It's approx 40ish miles from Heaton Park-Rivington and back again and there'll be a fair amount of climbing too, obviously.

All are welcome to come and ride with us. If you are coming, please email me (details are on my profile page) so we know to wait for people if they're running a little late.


  1. I'll be thinking of you lot 6000 miles away :) wishing I was doing the club ride

  2. There a chance me and Ali might make it, have to finalise plans for the weekend first. But she has a new bike that needs riding now!

  3. There's always October and Novembers club rides, then you have the Hill Climb and Jean Keith awards to try and win

  4. Trio - it'd be fab if you can come. Been a loooong time since we last rode together! Yay, for Ali's new bike. She must be elated bout that.