Saturday, 15 August 2009

Help needed!

I've been hunting high and low for a place where I can obtain a co2 canister holder that attaches to the bottle cage bosses, such as the one below:

I've had a few orders cancelled on me as the shop has them online but after placing the order they suddenly can't get them anymore.

I'm happy to buy from the US or Oz, provided they can post to the UK (I had one order with velogear in oz that got cancelled after 3wks cos they took that long to read that I live in the UK and they don't mail over here!)!

If anyone knows of anywhere that does actually stock them and will mail over here, please, please let me know asap. Thanks.


  1. I trawled the internet on lunch yesterday but alas - can not find one anywhere.

  2. They're a nightmare to get hold of. I've had a few uk orders cancelled after a while and even had an Oz order cancelled after 3wks as they have to thing, but won't mail to the UK. As I don't know anyone in Oz I can't get the darned thing!

    Think I'm going to have to try in the US

  3. Yup, and nowt on either!

    Do they have a wanted section on

    Stick wanted on uk ebay and loot maybe?

    Worth a punt.

  4. I know Genuine Innovations have come up with something similar that isn't out for sale until mid-September, but again I don't know if they'll ship to the UK as it's a US thing.

    I'll have to do lots of wanted posts in places and see what happens.

    Thanks for looking for me hun

  5. Has yours broken? maybe it can be fized till you can replace it?

  6. Oh, no it's not broken trio. I just want another one so I can take 4 cartridges on longer rides with me without my pockets bulging with kit! At the moment I've the ability to carry 2 cartridges ont he bike and have my pump in rear pocket, along with tyre levers, keys, gels, windproof.....rapidly ran out of room in pockets for anything else!

  7. I only carry two tubes, so I owuln't carry more than two CO2 cartrigdes as more than two punctures and I'll be heading home, I have patches, but i wouldn't be trusting them to hold 100psi +

  8. I can't fit 2 tubes in my saddlebag! It just about fits 1 tube, minitool, patches and air chuck! Just one puncture sometimes makes me want to go home!