Monday, 10 August 2009

Middleton CC Track Session 2

On Saturday 8th August, Middleton CC held their 2nd track championship session of the year with only 5 members riding and 6 guest riders.
The night turned out to be a great one with the prize for most competitive members going to Pantani Pete and Simon B as they tried to outdo each other on all the events.
Events took a familiar route as we began with the flying 200m sprint, followed by the 1k TT and then t he 2k pursuit. With no women riding - Janet was ill and unable to, I'm still not riding competitively as I want to ensure my pelvis is fully healed first, and Ali was presumably riding elsewhere with Amy, it was purely a testosterone filled environment.

There was a good selection of non-riding members and partners watching: Lyndsey and her mum, Mrs Robinson, Hilda, Jack and Tristan (Cliff's Grandson and the club's youngest member), so support and morale was high. Alan V took part in the warm-up and helped to push off during the 1K and the pursuit. Whilst the majority of riders rode the Velodrome's hire bikes (black & white Dolans) others rode their own - Alan V rode his vibrant yellow Dolan, Cliff his minimalist skinny-tubed white machine, Chris a glossy black beauty and Paul rode my lovely sleek Pista (she's not been ridden since January and wanted an outing; plus Paul wanted to try out my gearing).

Results (bold type denotes club riders) -

200m flying sprint:
Chris Barton 14.19 seconds
Simon Brierley 14.65
Paul O'Neill 15.40
Pete Robinson 15.56
T Welshaw 15.72
Cliff Rowe 15.87
P Barlow 16.10
Frank Boucher 16.25
M Kay 16.30
Steve Crossley 17.60
Stu 17.80

1K TT:
Chris Barton 1;28.10
Pete Robinson 1:30.50
Simon Brierley 1:31.03
T Welshaw 1:31.75
Paul O'Neill 1:34.90
M Kay 1:35.80
Cliff Rowe 1:36.60
P Barlow 1:37.19
Steve Crossley 1:38.65
Stu 1:40.50
Frank Boucher 1:41.81

2k individual pursuit:
Simon Brierley 3:00.96
Pete Robinson 3:04.44
Cliff Rowe 3:15.03
Paul O'Neill 3:16.10
M Kay 3:25.45
Frank Boucher 3:27.79
Stu 3:34.05
P Barlow 3:36.68
Chris Barton 3:41.00
T Welshaw 3:43.53
Steve Crossley DNS

All in all it was a great evening of racing with some excellent results. With only 3 members having ridden in the first session in March, there were only a few previous times to beat:

Paul beat all of his previous times for the year over all events; Pete also beat his previous times in the events and Steve had mixed fortunes beating his previous 1k time, but was faster in the March session for the sprint. Paul currently has the larger margin for beating previous times.


  1. At least your bike got an outing even if you didn't get to ride.

  2. Doesn't Cliff look sooooo professional in all his matching gear and his position on the bike is better than ours. His times are very impressive too. Goooooo Cliffffy. I love looking at the piccies. Steve looks like he's climbing a mountain.

  3. Cliff was going to look way better than us lot, he's been doing this for so long. He even had his skinsuit on.

    Steve has problems with his back hence his position, but I think he'll blame his face on not getting out riding for a while......despite him doing TTs regularly (I think).