Monday, 31 August 2009

August review

Is it that time again? Well ok then -

Distance covered: 214.08 miles
Days ridden: 7
Middleton CC: yup to Rivington on 30/8
Joby's loop: sure did on 31/8
Chorlton Wanderers: nope as I was doing summat else but can't remember what!
Hill climb/reps: nope, but have done a hell of a lot of climbing regardless!

August was a funny month for me as I began voluntary work therefore reducing my hours on the bike, yet I maintained a good monthly mileage I think. The amount of climbing has leapt up the scale; nearly on par with that of January but in much less miles.
Although I'm still crap on the climbs I'm getting up them, albeit it extremely slowly, so something is still going right somewhere.

September has another event to ride and a club run, so that'll automatically bring the miles to 100, maybe 130 before I've even started on anything else.

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