Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Free bike

After yesterdays wondering about whether Bike man would be giving me a free frame or a complete bike I found out as, bang on 7pm as I crossed over the main road I live on I heard toot-toot, looked around and saw him waving at me from the other side of the road.

As I crossed back to his side I saw it - a complete bike. She's not my first choice of frame as it's the old style femme frame, she's purple (really don't like purple on bikes), but you know what, she's free so I'm not complaining!

She's a Concept Evolution, with Shimano SIS gearing. The twist-type gears are something that may take a while to get used to as I've never had a bike with that type of gearing. The seatpost, stem, headset, handlebars, cranks, pedals and saddle are all non-branded and non-descript, so they'll be the things I'll change on her other than a respray at some point.
I won't be riding her til she has a service at Gerry Shields although I haven't found any rust or anything wrong with her.

Did I mention that she's steel? I shall call her Tank or maybe Evo.

She'll do until I find work and can afford the rather nice Pinnacle I've seen at Evans.


  1. Put that saddle on right, check the brakes work, the wheels spin, and nothings loose; then get on out on her!

    I wouldn't pay for a service. It will probably cost you more than the bikes worth.

    At looks like you don't need new bits after all.

  2. It'll be defo getting new saddle and pedals. I hate pure flat pedals, so willmostly get some spd/flat combined ones. The saddle is like a sofa - way too big and chunky for me, sut that can be sorted too.

  3. I agree with red, don't waste money on a service, it will indeed cost more than the bike is worth. If the cranks turn, it changes gear and stops, that'll do! I have a couple of spare saddles that have come off complete bikes I've bought, you can have one of those if suitable. I've definitely got a Planet-X thing that is really thin, and a Bontrager womens saddle, and there might be a WTB kicking around somewhere?

  4. What a belter. I have a can of black spray paint!!! You'll be needing that!!