Monday, 10 August 2009

My Friends Wedding

Sunday was spent over in Bolton at the wedding of my very good friend Adam to his partner of many years Phil.

The wedding was held at the Holiday Inn on Bridge St in their Cloisters venue hall - a stunning chapel with gorgeous wooden arched ceilings, stone pillars and stained glass windows. A perfect wedding venue.
I arrived at the hotel at 3pm looking a little lost as I didn't recognise anyone already there, so just hung back by the reception until another guest arrived looking lost and alone. So we leeched up to each other for the night. It turned out that we were to be on the same table anyway, so we got an advance on getting to know each other.

After a while we spotted a couple of empty chairs in reception, sat down and instantly recognised Gorfy from meeting him a few times in previous years; we introduced ourselves to Amy who looked fab in a gorgeous corset and skirt combo with a very cute top hat fascinator in her hair. Another guest, Catharine, who was also on our table came along looking like she belonged in an Austin film as her overall look was stunning and elegantly classic.

After a while Adam came into the reception greeting all his guests and looking very dapper and gorgeous in his morning suit with a cream waistcoat embroidered with golf thread and a gold cravat. Phil wore the same outfit too.

The ceremony itself was beautiful and brought a tear to many an eye in the room. The room was adorned with stunning flowers and glorious feather table decorations with candelabras dotted about the place. Tables had tea lights stood on mirrors and were named after various musicals - Cabaret, Cats, We Will Rock name but a few.

After Adam's father, Adam and Phil gave speeches, and the wedding buffet devoured, the evening was turned into a masquerade ball with (those who remembered) wearing masks to match their outfit and a glamorous drag queen DJ/entertainer.
Sadly, I had to leave early to ensure I caught the last train (from Bolton) & bus (from Manchester) home, but it was most definitely a night I won't forget. After all it's not every day that amazing friends get married in an elaborate, stunning ceremony/venue that is them down to a 'T'!


  1. Last train is something like 3am so think that is late enough!

  2. Not when your last bus on a Sunday night is at 11pm! If I'd have missed that I'd have a long walk home seeing as I'm skint.

  3. Ahh I am only 2.5miles from bolton train station so its either a wobble up the road on a bike or a £5 taxi. Have never got the bus as its such a rip off, in daylight I just walk. Have walked it at night as well but I normally get told off.

    Been a long time since I've been on night trains though, I'm too boring to play out!

  4. I think it is great to capture the event on your blog.....weddings are great...just love them...

  5. Trio - I'm 5 miles away from Pic station and 6 or 7 miles from Vic station so it'd have been a very long walk for me...bout an hour. Not good when your feet are hurting and you just want to sleep!

    Buttsy - I love weddings too, but Adam is the first of my friends to get married, the others are just co-habiting or have been engaged for so long it's beyond funny!

    I couldn't not blog it, as it was beautiful.