Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Easy ride

As I'd been mega busy over the weekend and working at the Red Cross Shop yesterday, I just had an easy spin out today on a route I do a lot, but chose to ride it twice for a bit more fun.

The first lap round was good, real easy without a hitch. The second lap seemed fraught with danger, despite having ridden only minutes before: rear wheel slipped out from under me when descending, whacked my sore knee real hard and finally an f**kwit of a driver cut me up badly on a fast section. As is always the way with me, whenever there's trouble brewing there just happens to be a jam butty up my arse. This was true to form today and as I began to give the numpty a mouthful, out they leapt and gave him a good lecture, fingers wagging and much talking over the radio.
neither they nor myself could figure out how the hell he couldn't see me, as he was trying to claim. I ride a blue bike, was dressed in bright blue Quickstep gear and have a team issue Lampre helmet which is bright pink at the front, blue along the sides and white at the rear. Precisely which bit of me couldn't he see??????
Anyway, after 15 minutes I was told I could leave the scene and set off home only to find, while at a set of lights a few miles up the road, a jam butty pull up and who should be in the back?! I stifled a chuckle and thought 'Ha!'.

All was good the rest of the way home. One contraflow has gone (hurrah), another was clearer; but the roadworks are moving closer to home, now being at a road a couple of blocks away from me and there they will stay for a minimum of 15 weeks before moving onto my junction for god knows how long.
I really can't see the tramway opening in 2012 as they state it will. There's so much work to be done: all consumer goods/pipelines need to be moved well away from where the lines will be put, the lines themselves need to be laid and stops need to be built. All that's been done so far is some pipes have been moved in 2 places!

Nearing home as I pulled into my crappy unadopted road-thing who should I see but someone I haven't seen for years, and he looked mighty fine! There was me all hot and sweaty. Not the best way to meet guys really; I don't look too bad in the bike gear, but to come face to face with him while looking like that?? I scarpered into my place as quick as I could!

Stats -
Warm with a cool breeze, damp and drizzly
Miles: 18.08
Average speed: 14.9mph
Climbed: 486ft


  1. OMG. I need to travel with you... That happens to me all the time but I don't have bizzies backing me up.

    You are a lucky sausage!

  2. Ah, but you see it helps that I pass at least 2 police stations on a regular basis when riding! Lol.

  3. Perhaps thats what I should be doing then? Go up the Ashton way and pass that big station...

  4. Aye. It was near there where my incident happened, so quite handy actually!