Monday, 12 January 2009

Muddy Mobberley

300 mile in a month challenge - 49.6% complete.

On Sunday I joined Chorlton Wanderers for their first ride of the year which was to Mobberley.

The forecast for Sunday wasn't too great with heavy rain and gales forecast, just to spice things up a little, so the waterproof jacket got packed up and I was prepared to get very soggy.

The day began with the ride out to meet the guys at Chorlton Water Park - I chose a different route than last time and set off towards Manchester City Centre down Ashton New Rd, turning off at Every St to head over to Pin Mill Brow and onto Fairfield St to pass Piccadilly Station. Down Whitworth St (now flooded thanks to last nights rain) and onto Deansgate and the huge A56 Chester Rd/Mancunian Way roundabout. Sneaking onto Seymour Grove once past St George's and a straight forward road to follow to Barlow Moor where a left turn down a very long avenue brought me to CWP car park.

As on the previous occasion I was pretty much the first one to arrive, so had a wait ahead of me. Thankfully the little office and toilet block were open so some warmth could be gained.

Pretty soon other riders were appearing; not long after the ride leader arrived, got onto a bench and announced the destination and that he wanted us to get back to the water park for 3pm as that's when the rain was timed to start - of course the minute he said that, what happened? It began to rain!! It continued to rain for about half an hour - not too heavily, but enough for some people to put on waterproofs. I was too warm so left mine off.

We set off into the wind that'd picked up- like the last ride, we set off round the lake, over the Mersey and by the side of Kenworthy Woods (no puncture this time, thankfully). CW's route joined up with my own that I use to Dunham Massey or Tatton Park so I was still on familiar ground as we cycled past Wythenshawe Park and onto Shaftesbury Rd up to it's Thorley Rd junction. About halfway up Thorley Rd is a climb that's not huge but is always a good one for testing climbing speed etc. As we neared this I began to pick up speed and tested myself on how quick I could get up it; About two thirds of the way up, I looked behind me to see that a fellow rider who I'd been riding alongside since leaving CWP had leapt into action when I opened up the gap and had drafted me all the way up the hill! Once through the lights and we were chuckling to ourselves as we flew down the hill to Ashley Heath, where he sneakily drafted me for the rest of the ride! I didn't mind too much despite the strong headwind as I felt really strong, and it was funny to know a bloke was hiding behind a woman!

The ride continued through to Ashley and onto Tatton Park were we had a short pit-stop before heading off along Knutsford drive through the park where, again, myself and Jason shot off the front gabbing away like there's no tomorrow and not letting the other get a lead of more than a few centimetres.

Now we were in Knutsford and we jokingly suggested to the ride leader that we could sneak in a quick loop of the Cheshire Cat before lunch. In short the answer was no! Then we were on the A50 and heading towards Ollerton before a turn off to Lindow End and Mobberley, and lunch in the Frozen Mop - a stunning gastropub with the best draught beer and scrummy food. After plenty of chat and allowing food to settle we set off again.

The most notable place on the return leg was the alpaca farm, where I decided instantly that I wanted one as they're so cute. Naturally I can't have one - flat-living isn't great for furry little things. After cutting through Knoll's Green we were on rough tracks that led us through Lindow Moss famed for Lindow man who now resides at the British Museum. Everyone thought my slicks wouldn't be that great on this surface, but I did fine - the only person who fell here was actually on an mtb. These trails led us through Morley Green and out onto Altrincham Rd by Ringway where both Jason and I tucked into aero positions and shot down the hill. After negotiating a roundabout we got onto the path alongside and were treated to viewing a drill taking place - airplane speeding up, slamming it's brakes on and the fire crews etc hurtling along to it. All good fun!

All too soon we were back on the roads (Styal Rd) heading back towards Northenden and Palatine Rd. A sneaky section on Princess Parkway brought us back to Kenworthy Wood and the water park.

After arranging for Jason to take part in the Middleton CC Track Championship in march and sorting out his riding on some of the club rides, everyone set off to their respective homes. I set off with one of the girls who'd come along for the first time (she was in very dark clothing and as it was getting dark I wanted to ensure she was safely off the worst roads before I left her). After leaving her at Chester Rd, I came back along Whitworth rd - the way I came out - but along Ashton Old Rd as far as Fairfield Rd and Edge Lane and the warmth and stillness of my flat.

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Boring bit -
Windy (18mph headwinds), rainy, quite balmy (8 degrees)
Maximum mph: 31.8
Average mph: 12.8
Distance: 56.97 miles
817ft climbed.


  1. Tut tut tut, racing on a leisurely ride.

    I think this is the first time that I actually know the area your riding. (Well some of it). Now and then when I fancy a flat ride I head towards Tannon park / Knutsford.

  2. Well, when you have a fit bloke on your tail, it's always good to mak him work that bit harder ;o)

    I really like the roads out Tatton way; not really ventured much further south than Knutsford. Not yet anyway!