Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Hill repeats

I decided to do some hill repeats again as I need to up my game when it comes to getting up those blasted hills.

I had a little pootle out to the specified hill first - over to the Velodrome, round by Phillips Park and onto Clayton Vale and through and most likely along the same route that Amy has done on her cyclocross racing there before coming out to the start point of the repeats. Sadly, despite one of my attempts being better than last time, the others were actually worse!

Clayton Vale hills. max gradient: 18%

Attempt 1: 2.43
Attempt 2: 2.37
Attempt 3: 2.20
Attempt 4: 1.57
Attempt 5: 2.04

85ft climbed in 0.30 miles.

Boring bits -
Mild (6 degrees), gentle breeze, dull.
Distance: 6.21 miles incuding the ride out.

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