Monday, 19 January 2009

She can be fixed!!

Having heard nothing from Gerry Shields over the weekend (spoke to Chris on Friday and he hadn't had a chance to look at her yet), I was beginning to worry a little that she was badly damaged. I know that Chris is pretty much the only guy in the shop and he's the mechanic and shop guy too, so I also knew that if it gets hammered in there it's difficult for him; even so, there were worries.

But I got a text off him today to say that he's examined her and she can be repaired for about 100.00 - that's to sort out the rear derailleur and the headset problems she has. Now all I have to do is let Dad know how much as I'm pretty sure he said he'd pay for her repairs.

Hurrah!! Hopefully she'll be repaired by the end of the week, then it'll be a few long rides to get the challenge finished. It WILL get finished this time round, even if it kills me!! Til I get her back there's my track session to do - although walking the trackie to the velo in heavy rain (forecast for Thursday) isn't sounding appealing.


  1. £100, owch. It's amazing how these repair bills add up.

    136 miles to go, Just over a week to do it in (Depending on when Everest comes home). Thats about 20miles a day, I'm sure you'll easily do it.

  2. That's just for 2 things to be done too! Not fair that having fun costs so much!

    I'll be doing between 10 and 15 miles at the velo on Thursday, so that'll reduce it a little more.
    I have a club run of about 40 miles on Sunday, so I think the route with Amy I was gonna do last Thursday and another ride should do it nicely :oD

    How's your mouth now?

  3. Does the track session count towards your 300?

    My mouth is fine. It sounds a lot worse than it is. I'm just a big wimp (and very scared of the Dentists!)

  4. Um, there's no track cycling bit on mapmyride, but I can log it under a spin class session or static bike.
    So long as it gets logged as a bike ride of any type, then I guess it can be counted.

    I'm with you there on the dentist front - they're evil creatures!