Monday, 5 January 2009

Hill repeats 1

SUNDAY Hill repeats.
Seeing as my ride didn't go quite as planned, I got myself to do sme hill repeats - on 2 different hills!

HILL 1 - Collyhurst Hills. Max gradient: 10%

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Attempt 1: 3.57
Attempt 2: 3.45
Attempt 3: 3.51
Attempt 4: 3.49
Attempt 5: 4.02
59ft climbed in 0.43 miles.

HILL 2. Clayton Vale hills. max gradient: 18%

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Attempt 1: 2.31
Attempt 2: 2.04
Attempt 3: 2.12
Attempt 4: 2.27
Attempt 5: 2.23

85ft climbed in 0.30 miles.


  1. Are you sure those figures are right?
    0.3miles*18% = 0.054 miles = 250ft!

    Perhaps you're doing a lot better than you think you are!!

  2. Hill repeats are great for improving fitness on the hills, come spring I will be doing them!

  3. Jon, that's the percentage that mapmyride gave me for it. It does seem kinda unbelievable to me too given that it feels nowhere near that. Myabe mapmyride have got it all very wrong?

    The Clayton Vale hill is one that Amy suggested I do hill repeats on. I trust her opinion on good dhills for that.

  4. Trio knows what shes talking about when it comes to hills ;)

    Mapmyride (And others) used to always under estimate the total assent of a ride. So I wouldn't be in the slightest bit surprised to find out that you're actually climbing far more than you think you are!

  5. Ooer! That's a good thing then.

  6. they underestimate as it only counts changes that are over 60m I think, so round where I live it would miss loads. Not sure what happens if you kust plot a short distance though.