Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Todays snowy playground

Daisy Nook and the Hollinwood Branch canal.

I got onto the walk from Lumb Lane at the Littlemoss Camp of the canal, crossed the car park then began the descent between snow covered trees and shrubs with the soundtrack of the dull hum of the cars as they passed by on the motorway nearby.

This pathway comes to the canal at a pretty little wooden bridge that you have to cross to get onto the pathway again. At this point I turned right to take me to the footbridge over the motorway which has dissected the canal in two. As the canal has been un-navigable for decades this wasn't too big a deal, although if it were to be revamped and re-opened aqueducts would have to be built here, and in other places where it's been dissected.

The footbridge was an experience and a half. I hate heights and footbridges over motorways are just stupidly high and narrow, but take it I must if I want that bacon butty and steaming mug of tea that was calling my name from afar!

Isolation is fab when it's in a place like this. Following the now in-filled section of canal soon brought me out opposite the entrance to Daisy Nook and the John Howarth visitor centre.

Fab bacon butty and mug of tea was followed by a look around the centre before crossing back over to the canal again to join the pathway to the bridge and beyond this time.

I followed the canal through unspoilt countryside and a perfect wildlife haven with enormous bull rushes standing proud against the snowy backdrop until Cinderland Bridge - a very quaint and old brick-built bridge by the fields of Cinderland Hall Farm.

Squashing through a very tall sided narrow stile and I was on the teeny trail alongside Littlemoss High School for Boys, with a lot of them braving the weather for rugby practise - I reckon the teacher was plain evil for doing that to them!

The trail continued on past Cinderland Hall Farm (dated 16th century) and comes out on Lumb Lane a little closer to Droylsden than where I started from. From here, I followed the road back to Villemomble Square and home.

Boring bit -
Snowy, sleety, dull and cold (1 degree)
75ft ascent.
Bacon butties eaten - 1, but wanted lots more!

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  1. Oooo, bacon butties!

    You're braver than me negotiating that path on a road bike. I would of been too scared of ending up in the canal!

    Doesn't this ride count towards your 300 challange?

  2. Erm, nope. It was a walk. There's no way I'd ride a snowy towpath on any bike let alone a roadie.