Friday, 23 January 2009

Glutton for punishment

I picked up Everest from Gerry Shields today. Just shy of a ton for her to have a nice shiny silver (used to be black) stem, headset, rear derailleur and gear cable.

As she's not been ridden for a week, I took her on a spin - it was intending to be shortish, but kinda grew into a longish ride. A ride that was made difficult by my aching legs after yesterdays
track exploits!

I set off towards Hollinwood in Oldham taking the right turn just before the M60 to take me towards Ashton Rd which I cut across and towards Glodwick, onto Kings Rd, Summerfield View and Alt Lane, through a little bit of Park Bridge before joining Lees New Rd and my Hartshead Pike route. As I haven't been over to the Pike at all since saying I would make it a New Year resolution (I have done other hilly routes though), I though I better get up there before the month is out.

Up I went along Thornley Lane and Lane Head Rd, past Lily Lanes and onto Broadcarr Lane for a little downhill section before turning left to head through Upper Mossley on Stockport Rd and Mossley Rd to bring me out in Greenfield. A welcome break was needed here as my legs were beginning to hurt and I was carrying my backpack with my normal clothes in - I walked for 40 minutes to get to the bike shop, and certainly wasn't going to do that in full bike gear, not with all the workmen about anyway!

After a welcome bacon butty I went for a little lane ride just off Uppermill's main road and came out on Holmforth Rd not too far from the Chew Valley roundabout. Nice little level road here let my legs ease off a bit before I punished them again with the lovely undulating Huddersfield Rd and it's continuous humps and drops until I nearly fell off in Stalybridge (not quite sure what happened to make me nearly fall off though!).

I snuck along the roads through an industrial estate to get me into Dukinfield, just so I could have another road that felt like it was downhill before my super speedy dual carriageway-esque road home.
For a 'test' ride I think I tested her pretty well - wore myself out in the process - and she's running better than she has since her last service.

I'm glad I have a rest day before the
Middleton CC club run on Sunday, as I don't think I'd be able to get very far if I were to ride tomorrow! It's just a case of putting all the attachments back on her and leaving her well alone for a day before ploughing on with the challenge.

There would normally be a button link to mapmyride right about here. For some odd reason mapmyride cannot be found my my Internet connection right now, so I'll have to post the route map tomorrow or asap.

Boring bits - Wintry showers, cold winds and dull/grey. About 2 degrees.
Maximum mph: dunno - I left my PC at home
Average mph: I left my PC at home Distance: 24.17 miles 1165ft climbed 1 knackered rider!


  1. I can never bring myself to do two hard rides back to back.

    I suppose i'm 'lucky' that where I live I don't have to look very hard to find loads of steep hills to practice on. My normal commute is just shy of 1000ft of climbing each way!

  2. Sheesh! That'd kill me!

    I normally won't ride the day after a track session as I go all out on them, but had to this time to check her out!

  3. 3 days left, 100miles to go!

    Is the 300mile challange going to end with one big ride?

  4. I finished it today! Hurrah!!

    I'd not been able to get to a pc to put on my club ride on Sunday or yesterday's ride until now. but it's all there and it's been done.

    Now just want to see how many more I can do before the official end of it!