Thursday, 15 January 2009

Everest is poorly!

I was meant to be riding with Amy today. Plotted a fab route with great country roads and a spot through Tatton Park, but alas, I had to cancel last minute when I found Everest was poorly sick.

After Sunday's ride she badly needed a wash, so I lobbed her into the tub where I could clean her to my hearts content (I'm in a first floor flat, so no outside space to clean her). She got lovingly degreased, cleaned, lubed, tweaked etc and was left to rest for a day before I rode her again on Tuesday to the failed appointment. After that ride she needed a scrub again, so again she was in the tub having a scrub.

All was hunky dory.

This morning, I'd got all my stuff sorted, got into my kit, took her downstairs, put her on the floor so I could lock the door. KER-THUNK!!!! Looked down at her and my heart sank....the rear derailleur had snapped off. Completely off!
When I told Amy she advised it may need tightening up with the allen key, but nope, it needed emergency surgery! Bugger! I was really looking forward to the ride, and I think Amy was too as it's been a while since we last rode together - when I had the crash in November was the last ride together.

So began the 40 minute walk to Gerry Shields to book her in for repairs. Chris Shields took one look at her and was gobsmacked - this thing happens in after a large knock to it. Other than the bouncing she did in the crash (after which she had a very good scrutinous service), she's not had any knocks when I've ridden her or lugged her downstairs, so my only thoughts are when she's been locked up with other bikes - Jean Keith ride or CW ride. Either way, Chris isn't too sure of how he can repair her or how much it's gonna cost me. She'll be having her headset replaced at the same time too as that was a plan for the start of this year anyway.

I can still plough on with the challenge for now as I have the track session booked for next week, so that'll mean another 10-15 miles. I'll just have to do the remaining miles in as few rides possible and make them long...when I get her back of course.


  1. Poor Everest.

    It sounds like Amy is doing a seriously long ride if she going all the way to Tatton park!

  2. Whenever we ride together on my patch she always ends up doing at least 60 miles.
    As it was, while I took Everest to the bike shop, she went home to Bolton via Glossop!