Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Random riding

I decided to go and do some random riding today and got on Everest, pointed her towards the hills and set off.
I wanted to see if I could complete the challenge ahead of schedule, which might explain the randomness of the ride!

I'm not going to describe the route other than to say it was very, very random, not really paying much attention to where I was going (other than to note sign posts etc) or anything. Just followed my nose and discovered once I'd plotted it on mapymyride that I'd criss-crossed pretty much everywhere.

In amongst all this randomness there were bits of normality - I nipped into Halfords for some puncture repair patches; I had to double back on Robert Sheldon Way after it was blocked by a crash with several trucks; I even managed to pop into the Job Centre to look on their job points to see if anything interesting had cropped up. Alas not!

Take a look at the route and you'll see exactly what I mean by very random!

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Boring bits -
Mild (7 degrees), calm, dull and damp
Cannot update max and average speeds as left PC on kitchen cupboard!
Distance: 56.78 miles
Climbed: 2201 ft. Not surprised I was knackered when I got home!


  1. *** Congratulations ****
    ... on completing the 300 mile challange.

    It's not too late to join little Trios 100km a month challange you know- [hint].

    There's a bit on this ride around the 50mile mark that looks like you're on the motorway. I bet that did wonders for your average speed!

  2. It's alongside the motorway although people drive on this bit like they're still on it!

    I decided yesterday to join in Trio's century ride - and completed it that day!
    My victory ride for my challenge became a dual vistor ride.