Monday, 20 October 2008

Chorlton Wanderers Birthday Ride!

The morning of the Chorlton Wanderers ride dawned dull, grey and windy with no sign of the rain that was forecast.
I set off to meet Paul and found him in a flap as he’d only just woke up when i arrived at his, with only 10 minutes to spare before we had to leave to get to Chorlton Water park and meet the rest of the group.
When we got there we were greeted by a photographer from the South Manchester Reporter who was there to mark the occasion. Once everyone arrived we were all lining up for a group photograph the
n we were off round the edge of the lake and through Kenworthy Woods before dipping below the M60, then up and over Princess Parkway on a bridge that often worries cyclists - high up and narrow - but we all crossed safely.
then it was on through Gatley where we were treated to the sight of a huge jumbo passing overhead as it come in to land - pilots fighting to keep the wings level as it was buffeted sideways by the winds. We passed Norcliffe Hall, joined the Orbital cycleway and played ‘dodge the water filled potholes’ on the rough track before dipping down to the A538 roundabout just where the road dips under the runway. Now we were set to be out in the sticks as we made our way to Knolls Green.

Huge meals and drinks-a-plenty were enjoyed by all as we sat in the warmth of an open fire heated pub - The Bird in the Hand. Plenty of chat, then it was time to head home before it got dark - I was nominated to lead if it did get dark as I seemed to be the only one with some form of light on the front of my bike...not that my tiny Knog Frog would be much use in the inky blackness of a country night!

The group split after a while with Rob (Bike Docs) leading the main group back to Chorlton Water Park and Paul and I heading through Ashley, Hale and passing Wythenshawe Hall before joining the rather lumpy, bumpy Wilmslow Rd and the great dual carriageway-esque Pottery Rd back to our homes.

See the route here

Final thoughts - lovely leisurely ride with an excellent bunch of people and the best food I’ve had in years!!

Boring bit:
Temperature - 13 degrees
Max speed - 26.3 mph
Average speed - 11.7 mph
Miles - 39.53


  1. Wow that's a bit fast!!! 26.3mph!!! I'll have to get training if I ever want to ride with you again!

  2. You know how my pc/internet connection was being awkward??? Well, that speed was one of the errors that happened during that not very fun time.
    I have now amended it to the correct average and max speeds!
    Thanx for pointing it out.

  3. I was guessing ;) Otherwise you should be riding in the tour de france!

    But give me a shout if you fancy a ride at some point, I need some motivation that you get from having to get out of the house and meet people.

  4. Jumbly, it was an excellent day out.
    I knew most of the route as I'd done sections of it either alone or with Trio. But it was good to do it with 15 or so other cyclists all on various bikes.

    Trio, you may want to do some of the rides that I've planned for next month.

  5. Tell me more about them....

    Have you plotted any on mapmyride? I can go have a nosey then!