Wednesday, 21 January 2009

I'm bored!!

Until I get Everest back from Gerry Shields I'm getting very bored!

Past few days have been spent filling in job applications, trying to sell stuff on eBay and doing nowt generally. Humph!

Still, I have the track session to look forward to. No doubt I will be the only female on there at stupid o'clock in the morning - usually the only female on the track regardless of what time I go actually. At least it'll get the legs spinning for whenever Everest comes home.


  1. Is Everest back today? (Thursday)

  2. She's not back yet, but I'm gonna ring LBS later to find out how she's doing.

  3. Hi lost sheep, sounds like you are out of work, filling in job applications, I know the feeling, I am in the same boat. I too love cycling but I am a bit of a wuss this time of year...too cold.
    Like your blog, see you are still a follwer of mine, thanks.
    All the best, and chin up.


  4. Yup, I'm definitely not happy wih my current situation hence the job apps.

    It's never too cold as far as I'm concerned - was out in the snow earlier this month and out in -7 at one point. Each to their own I guess :oD