Sunday, 11 October 2009


Well it may not sound much to some of you mad cyclists out there, but in the 6ish months of this year that I've been able to ride (and since updating my stats after calculating elevation on bikehike instead of mapmyride (for only half my rides at the moment)) I have now climbed more than twice the height of Mt McKinley in Alaska and am well on my way to twice the height of Everest. Not bad going considering most of the climbing has been done AFTER my pelvic fracture and while still in pain from it!

I wonder what I could do if totally free from the pain the fracture has left me in.......


  1. How high are these mountains?

  2. Mt McKinley is 20,320ft tall.
    Mt Everest is 29,035ft tall.
    So far this year I've climbed 40,387ft (still need to check/adjust my elevation stats on bikehike for Jan/May so it may be more (really can't remember if I've already done it on there yet))