Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Tepid Tuesday

Wow! This is so not October weather! What is going on with it; it's way too warm to be nearing November. So warm in fact, that I wore a summery top for work!

This meant that my night ride was not a winter clothed one. The arm warmers still went on, but the leg warmers stayed off. As it was, I was still too hot, but that is way better than being cold.

I set off along my usual route through Daisy Nook up to Ashton Rd, down to Cranbourne, up Smallshaw and onto Lees Rd in Hurst. Snuck over a bollarded section onto Kenworthy Ave and King's Rd to climb up Gorsey Lane to the Ashbourne junction. I took a photo on my mobile of how dark it was here, but sadly it just looked like a big black thing so not posting it on here!

Fabulous descent to Mossley Rd and then down to the Queen's Rd junction where I, again, sat in the middle of the road waiting for the traffic to pass and let me turn right. Had to wait until the lights were changing to red before I could turn. Back up through Hurst and another great descent down Broadoak and swooping round the roundabout and along Wilshaw before heading into Ashton town centre and a section of Park Parade and on towards home.

Excellent ride with perfect night weather.

Stats - www.bikehike.co.uk/mapview.php?id=24711
Miles: 13.93
Average speed: 14.7mph
Climbed: 458ft

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  1. Commuted to work in shorts and tee-shirt today. Didn't even need any gloves!

    I've tried taking pictures at night but I can't seem to get anything acceptable out. Anything close to and in the lights beam is way over exposed and anything outside the lights beam is just completely black.