Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Devil's Hill

Early this bright, clear, cold morning I set off to enjoy the roads as I took Everest out for a ride along the Fallowfield Loop and beyond.

I set off towards the Floop entrance on Falmer Close and decided by the time I got to Debdale that I wanted to ride Hyde Rd (not sure why) and then over and up Devil's Hill. Getting off the Floop by McD's a woman with suitcase decided she'd walk right into the road as I was flying towards the junction, silly woman. She was obviously too distracted trying to do multiple things at once - on her moby and hauling a mammoth suitcase behind her. Still we didn't collide and I carried on my merry way to Hyde Rd.

Once on there, I tucked down and sprinted along past the golf course and to the gorgeously deadly Denton Roundabout. Now at this point most people (with sense) would probably get off the road and go over the footbridge. Now, as that involved trying to get to the other side of the road, which by this point was 6 lanes wide, then hauling ass up and over the bridge then trying to get back onto the right side of the road, I just decided to ride the thing seeing as it was miles easier to do.
Riding in the draft of a car with a motorcycle at the side of me I made it round the enormous roundabout with ease and without a hint of the danger that Joby and Gaz seems to encounter every day.

Down the one way system on Manchester Rd (it's a strange road with the M67 slap bang in the centre of it and the normal road either side) and to the lights on the bus/cycle lane. Now Gaz and myself find that these lights are never on red. Except now. And for a stupidly long time. So long in fact that I ignored them after a while and joined the main lanes. There was sod all coming in any direction yet these stupid lights were still saying 'stay put you cyclist you'. Maybe if I'd pretended to be a bus and go 'Beep Beep!' they may have changed. I shall never know.

Anyway, after hurtling down the road and over the Tame and it was time to meet the Devil; although he didn't seem very mean to me as I practically flew up the hill. Maybe he'd not woken up yet? Into Hyde, round into Dukinfield and they're putting up the Christmas lights. Already. It's only October!!!

After greeting another roundabout and encountering calf cramp halfway round it (so not necessary) I was on the lookout for a safe stopping point, found a fence and threw myself at it to stretch the cramp away. Five minutes later and the smile was back on my face as I headed up and round to Daisy Nook for the obligatory bacon butty and to make friends with some spaniels before the sprinty route home.

Stats -
Miles: 13.8
Average speed: 13.9mph (slow but still happy with it)
Max speed (?): 71.3mph (!!!!!!) that was up devil's Hill too!
Climbed: not much 340ft


  1. I still don't get this fasination with Devils hill. It's a horrible busy road thats neither long nor steep.

  2. Your slow speeds are what my faster ones are!!!

  3. 71mph - scary.......but roundabouts can be scarier!...

  4. @ Red: I don't get the fascination with it either, but for boys who've not been riding too long and have/are overcome huge difficulties, I guess it's harder for them.
    I first rode the Devil a few years back and although I found it hard to start with, it's no longer a hassle escept for traffic at peak times.

    @ trio: that could be a tad worrying seeing as I'm at least 2mph slower since the pelvis fracture. I've never thought you were slower than me. Are you???!!! I thought you were getting quicker? All the commuting not helping your speeds?

    @ Buttsy: Pretty sure I picked up a passing train to be honest. I'm lucky if I can hit 35mph on a sprint, 40mph on a descent. The chance of not possible!
    I'm used to the roundabouts now, although there are some that I try to avoid. Oh the joys of living halfay between a huge city and big town: can't always avoid them.

  5. I'm pretty certain Trio is now quicker than me. Espeshially on longer rides.

  6. 2mph! That would take me years of training, oh the fun of not being naturally athletic!

    My speeds are slower as I find commuting slower, but I'd be happy with 13.9mph on any ride.

    No idea if I am faster on road as didn't do anything this year to compare, will do at least a couple of timetrials next year so I can tell! I am faster off-road though when I compare my times to the fast people.

  7. @ Red: trio probably is getting quicker, but just might not realise it. The cross races etc will be getting her better and quicker. No doubt about it.

    @ Trio: I'm so not naturally athletic in any way, shape or form. Granted I have lost some weight but I think my only real help was having to take it easy since the fracture. Not really pushed myself hard yet this year. Real test for me will be the track champs in December.

    I want to give time-trialling a shot next year too. Though I doubt I'll be fast.

  8. Losing some weight is high on my list of things to do, shame I keep eating chocolate. But put a stone on recently and it does affect me on hills so it has to go!

  9. Trio: In your case I really do think it might be muscle!

    Keep eating the chocolate. Just scheudle some Trio rides :)

  10. Trio, you and chocolate go hand in hand. Seeing one without the other would be a strange sight ;o)

  11. Oh the muscle makes me heavy for my height but I have put on nearly a stone that is fat. My diet leaves a lot to be desired!

  12. You've just made it sound like you're a muscly freak!! I know exactly how you mean though :oD

    I'm sure you'll get yourself balanced out again soon.