Monday, 12 October 2009

All present and correct

I think! Finally got all my elevation stats correct. I was using mapmyride for the maps/elevation etc, but found that it lied massively after completing the mcr 100 and it stated I'd only done about 700ft of climbing. I knew that this wasn't correct as it felt more and also Joby's Garmin was saying otherwise. Since the mcr100 I've been using bikehike which is much more realistic, and I have been spending some time converting the elevation stats from one to the other.

It is now complete. Finally. I can't quite believe that I have done quite so much climbing, especially that in January, but I have. All this from a hill-hating, non-climbing whiner like me!!


  1. Does that mean all the climbs I have done are wildly out too. Gotta admit I look in magazines and they say 1500m climbing isn't a lot and give it a 3/5 for difficulty when I do it using map my ride it seems quite hard.

  2. Most likely yeah. Go onto and plot a route there and you'll see the huge difference in elevation. I though mapmyride was accurate (it is fairly spot-on when you break it all down into little chunks etc) but I've found it to be very very wrong.