Monday, 12 October 2009

Can it be...

That I am truly made of lead? The reason I ask is simple. The photo shows Hartshead Pike on top of its hill. This was my intended destination for a ride today. The reality? I didn't even get as far as the place the photo was taken from (photo taken a few months ago). I'd eaten some readybrek before I left the house, travelled roads I'd done many times before, even took a gel with me which I don't normally do on rides as short as this would be. I knew my legs would take a while to get used to the chill air so took it easy up the first portion of not-quite-flat road and took a hump bridge as normal. At the top of the road by a roundabout I knew I wouldn't make it the way I'd intended as my average was way down on what it normally is and I hadn't even headed skywards yet. I slurped my gel and was heading towards the longer albeit less steep route, my legs feeling no better. I couldn't even manage to get above 19mph on a sprinty bit. I had to face facts: the bug I caught on saturday (and which I presumed had passed through my system as I felt 100% yesterday) is obviously still lurking somewhere deep within. My ride home felt like Everest and I were made of lead. I managed a very paltry 7 miles and am now rather grumpy about it. Humph! ¤ sent from my mobile device ¤


  1. We all have off days.

    I wish I could do 19mph up a hill on a good day!

  2. I didn't even get to the less steep bit. That pathetic attempt at a sprint was on the flat! All I wanted to do today was 852ft of climbing and just about managed 200ft.

    Not a good day :o(

  3. Any day you get out on the bike is a good day :-)

    But I do know how you are feeling...some days its like wading through treacle....

  4. Sometimes the legs don't want to play. At that point I sit up and admire the view and don't bother about average speeds. As my legs are never fully rested it happens loads!

  5. @ John. That was kinda how it was today. I think I probably did get out a little too early after the bug hit me. I'll soon know how I am after tomorrows night ride. It takes into account 95% of todays route. I usually feel stronger onthe night rides too, bizarre really considering I spend the day on my feet most of the time.

    @ Trio: If there was a view I would've done. I didn't even get to leave the urbanity of Ashton! I usually don't bother with averages either anymore as I tend to go to hillier places (where just getting up them is the aim of the day). It felt so slow that I had to look and was aghast with the result!

    There's always another day. If October has less mileage, who cares! :oD