Monday, 12 October 2009


Three friends of mine have been diagnosed with swine flu. Three people I've been in contact with recently. After 2 of them were diagnosed today, I took a look at the symptoms and compared them with how I've felt recently. Now, the symptom list says ANY 2 or more symptoms and you've probably got the illness. Running nose? Yep. Diarrhoea/vomiting? Yep. Any aches or pains? Yep. Headaches? Yep. Ok, so that's 4 symptoms. At risk category such as asthma, diabetes, pregnancy etc? Yep. So, that adds a risk to the symptoms. I phoned the NHS. First question: do you have a fever? I answered truthfully that I don't. I rarely get a high temperature with any illness and never had one when I actually had flu several years ago. Due to the lack of the apparantly compulsory fever I supposedly cannot therefore have swine flu. These are the same authority who said I hadn't fractured my pelvis...yet several hrs later I was diagnosed with a fracture that was due to take 6 months to heal. My faith in the NHS is waning rapidly. I'll take their advice, go into work tomorrow, go to my appointment with JC. If I infect you world, I apologise, but the NHS told me I'm not ill at all. Must be all psychological then. Can psychologists diagnose swine flu.....? ¤ sent from my mobile device ¤


  1. If you had the flu I doubt you'd of gone out riding the other day.

    I'm full of cold myself, which is naturally elevated to the status of 'man flu'.

  2. I think high temperature and feeling like death are the clincher symptoms though. My sister has just been told she possibly has it but has declined the tamiflu because she doesn't really feel all that ill. If you don't feel ill then don't take the meds as you can only have the tamiflu once and if you haven't actually got it or aren't that sick then you're wasting taking it. If you're worried don't go to work and cancel your appointment, see if further symptoms develop then go to the doctor.

    Personally I think the NHS are fantastic. Having lived in a country without it maybe gives me a different perspective.

  3. I agree with you both, although there are people out there who have the virus and only have mild sysmptoms.

    Personally I'm not convinced I have got it. Just naturally, given all circumstances, I was worried bout things.

    Re: the NHS. I agree it is great (most of the time) just, again being told I possibly can't be ill/injured for the 2nd time in 6 months does put a little dampener on things.

    My faith will be restored in no time, I'm sure :oD