Wednesday, 14 October 2009

No oink!

Well, after Monday's querying with Joby, Gaz, the NHS and other peeps I've come to the conclusion that I may just have a very mild form of oink. Several people agree with me. As I'm not sneezing or coughing then I'm certainly not infectious so I carried on with life as normal.

Tuesday began with a nice walk to work in the clear crisp air and a shop that looked like it'd been hit by gremlins. The new till refuses to go into training mode so nobody knows how to use the system and the media shelves have huge empty spaces in them. I knew I was going to be very busy sorting them out.

Maybe not as busy as originally thought as I got stock out and onto the shelves in double quick time, interspersed with stints helping the customers and chatting away with the boss. It was quite funny when I told her bout my chats with the nhs on Monday night, and she agreed with me and went on to say that if I infect her it doesn't matter as she has next week off work anyway!

On to my appointment with JC and despite them running late everything went according to plan and I came away relatively happy and with some thoughts on potential. Back to work and the rest of the day passed by real quick as it usually does.


  1. If you've got swine flu then it's highly irresponsible to be at work.

  2. Ah but it's not entirely irresponsible as I have read in some literature from the NHS that it is still possible to carry on as normal and go to work.

    I'm only doing as the NHS said to do!

    I agree with you in that if I was realy ill I wouldn't be going into work, but I'm not really ill and the NHS have said I'm not. I wouldn't be putting other people in danger Red, I'm not irresponsible, nor disrespectful to others. I'm merely doing what i have been told to do by the pandemic team.