Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Tuesday Pootle

On Tuesday I set out for what was meant to be a nice, easy ride - kind of a delayed recovery ride after Sunday's hilly efforts. What was planned and what actually happened were two completely different things!

I originally set off in the direction of Ashton, but changed my mind when I remembered there were lots of roadworks and contraflows to contend with; bad enough at any time of day, but nightmarish at the early hour I'd set off at. So, a change of direction and I was zig-zagging my way to Newton Heath, found myself unable to take a turning I wanted due to a lorry blocking the way and ended up heading down a steepish hill only to have to pretty much double back up the hill on another busier road by a level crossing - thankfully the traffic was at a standstill due to an incoming train, so I had the hill to myself, otherwise I wouldn't have even tried given how narrow and busy that road is.

Once back near Brookdale Park and my route followed my frequent pootles to Daisy Nook. Up through Failsworth and Cutler Hill Rd with a turn off to Woodhouses, then onto Crime Lake and the canal-side along to the John Haworth Centre before heading back along the canal-side to Oldham Rd and Bardsley.

After flying down and along Oldham Rd to Ashton and the fun of one-way systems on little roads, I seemed to hurtle along Stockport Rd through Guide Bridge and over the motorway to Ashton Moss and the Snipe, ready to join the busy, fast, multiple laned road that leads to home and the contraflows which had quietened down a lot as I flew through them.

Did I say that it was meant to be an easy ride? Erm, it wasn't that easy in the respect that it was faster than my previous rides with my average speed being at least 1 mph higher, my fastest speed was actually gained on a flat road and not downhill and I actively sought out the 17% section.

Stats - view route
Hottest day of the year (already 26C by the time I got home)
Maximum speed: 28mph
Average speed: 13.5mph
Miles: 14.86
Climbed: 203ft
Time: 1:05

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